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PGW 2017: Metal Gear Solid V Pro Patch Sneaks Out

Prior to Sony’s conference yesterday at the Paris Games Week, Konami dropped some news of their own. Metal Gear Solid V is getting a PS4 Pro Patch, despite now being two years old. We can only assume that its inclusion in October’s PlayStation Plus’ line-up is a motivating factor as there’s a chance a proportion of these new players are using Sony’s top dog.

It was a sneaky announcement, nonetheless, though it is a game all about stealth. They’ve obviously taken a leaf out of Snake’s book. Now what book would that be?

The update is available to download now, and promises to deliver higher resolution and a more stable frame rate to Metal Gear Solid V for those viewing on a 4K monitor. Those of us who are still slumming it with 1080 HD will also benefit from the smoother graphics. And if that wasn’t enough, if you own¬†Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience the improvements will extend to the Ground Zeroes portion of the game.

Whether we will see any other “vintage” releases receiving a spit and polish for the Pro is yet to be seen. Perhaps only if they too are part of the PlayStation Plus scheme.

Though there is only a short time left, Metal Gear Solid V is still free in the October PlayStation Plus selection if you fancy yourself as the next Big Boss. Be warned, though, you must like sand. And horses.

Are you a recent convert to the franchise? Or did Metal Gear Solid V fail to live up to previous experience? Perhaps you are one of the few who are looking forward to Metal Gear Solid Survive, and are tirelessly taking notes from the survival king himself, Rick Grimes? Who are we kidding, Survive hasn’t even survived its hype stage…


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