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PGW 2017: Shadow of the Colossus Will Run in 4K on PS4 Pro; February 2018 Release Date Revealed

We saw more of Shadow of the Colossus in a new trailer, and it looks amazing. We have two trailers to prove it. First, we have the opening movie for the game. It has pretty CG, but it is not the show stopper.

The gameplay trailer gives you five minutes of footage, and this is where you can feel and see the differences. The biggest changes are in the little details. The draw distance is much farther, and the particle effects from Argo’s hooves are a big upgrade. The hair on the flying colossus is so much sharper. The cloth cape Wander is wearing moves naturally as he rides.

The developers once again have made clear that this is not a remake, remaster, or simple uprezzing. All of the details that were washed out on the PS2 and made sharper in the PS3 HD version have been rebuilt to take advantage of the hardware and resolutions available today.

Shadow of the Colossus was a surprising game when it was first released. Comprised of only sixteen boss battles, you would ride across the barren land hunting the massive titans, climb them, and destroy them by hitting weak points on their bodies.

In a time when everyone was using the power of the PS2 to add voices, it was quiet. It did not rely on using more guns. It relied on environmental storytelling and using player inference to see past the simple premise. Looking back, it is surprising it was even made. The HD remake on the PS3 was less of a surprise.

If you have never played Shadow of the Colossus, this may be your opportunity to play the best looking variant of a fantastic game. PS4 Pro owners will be able to run it in 4K at (a targeted) 30fps, and it will be released on February 6th for $39.99.


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