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Paul George’s PG-2 PlayStation Colorway Shoes Announced

Limited edition shoes from professional athletes are nothing new, but the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway shoes are certainly a little out of the norm. The shoes are a collaboration between the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paul George, Nike, and PlayStation with recognizable branding for all three.

Starting from the midsole, there is a multicolor PlayStation galaxy paint theme. The shoe has PlayStation symbols on patent leather on the sides, and the eyelets for the shoelaces have the four traditional colors from the controller.

There are two big differences from a normal sneaker. The most striking is the light up tongues of the shoes. Using LED lighting, the shoes illuminate the PG and PlayStation symbols constantly or by pulsing on and off. The other change is that every shoe will have a barcode on the back of the left shoe for a Paul George dynamic theme on the PS4.

The shoes will be available on February 10th for $110 (USD). You can see more pictures on the official site here.

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