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Paw Patrol: On A Roll Gameplay Trailer Shows Our Favorite Pups in Action

With all the games for bigger kids coming next month, you shouldn’t forget that Paw Patrol: On A Roll is heading to our beloved PS4 on October 26th. With less than a month to go, Bandai Namco dropped a trailer showing a quick look at the family friend platforming action. As you can see, each of the eight pups will be able to use their special equipment across sixteen different levels.

There will be eight different locations from the show. So far, we know you will be able to help people (and likely animals if our experience with Chickaletta teaches us anything) on Farmer Yumi’s Farm, Jake’s Moutain, under the water, and in a desert.

As parents with young kiddos who also happen to like Paw Patrol, we look forward to spending time in Adventure Bay next month. Check out the trailer for a view of the gameplay.

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Press Release from Bandai Namco

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