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PC/iOS Game Chromagun Heading to PS4

The first person, color puzzler is coming to PlayStation 4 as confirmed to Pure PlayStation by its developer. Chromagun is currently on Steam and the Mac App Store. Pixel Maniac’s community manager, Chris Wolfbauer, has let us know that a PS4 port is on its way and will be out soon. He couldn’t give us a specific release date. When asked if the console version would have additions he said, “We’re working on new stuff for the PC version, I can’t say anything about it but I think it will be added in the PS4 version as well. Maybe more hours of gameplay? Who knows.”

Chromagun has been described as Portal meets Splatoon. You have to solve puzzles within rooms by utilizing paint and droids attracted to walls as the same color they’re painted. We’ll keep you updated as we know more. In the meantime check out the Steam release trailer below.


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