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The Perfect Sniper for PSVR is Only a Couple of Weeks Away

Sinn Studio has recently dropped the official release trailer for The Perfect Sniper. It’s available now on the Steam Store for PCvr units, but sadly, the PSVR release date is a vague “couple of weeks” away. The story treads familiar ground, focusing on a city run amok with organized crime, corrupt politicians and dirty cops.

Your role in The Perfect Sniper is to become the “morally ambiguous champion this city needs as a sniper in Virtual Reality.” Sounds good to us. Despite the studio being unable to nail down an exact release date, we here at Pure PlayStation are eagerly waiting the opportunity to don our headsets, grab our trusty Aim controllers and rack up some digital head-shots.

Check out the release trailer above, and let us know if you are planning to dish out some virtual street justice once this title finally hits the PlayStation Store. If you’re on the fence, check back here for our review, which we hope to bring to you soon.


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