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Persona 5 Steals Hearts Today

Persona 5 will finally sneak onto the PS4 and PS3 today, and the long-suffering folks at Pure PlayStation HQ will be glad to have the author of this piece finally start playing it and shut up about it. Honestly, who could blame them?

As you might guess, the process of translating the game into English was no easy feat. This is the biggest game the team at Atlus have ever produced, and some phrases would not translate directly from Japanese to English. Sometimes, there were changes to the script based on what would fit in the speech bubble on screen or based on the speaking time in the scene itself.

Have no fear about the quality. Yu Namba, a Senior Project Manager for Atlus USA, believes this is, “the best English rendition in the history of Atlus USA thus far.” Considering the number of hours the team worked on this project, that is very encouraging.

If you are more of a purist, you can also download the full Japanese voice tracks for free. The file is a little less than 3 GB, and you can download it directly from the PSN.

Enjoy the launch trailer, and let us know in the comments if you intend to play Persona 5 with your native language or with the Japanese audio. 

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