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Play as Leatherface in Dead By Daylight

Have you ever fantasized about being Leatherface, the infamous killer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre? If so, please check into the nearest mental facility. After you’re released and given a clean bill of health, be prepared to download the iconic character for Behaviour Digital’s Dead By Daylight on your PS4. If you don’t know, Dead By Dawn is a multiplayer horror game, where one killer hunts four friends through a terrifying nightmare scenario. You can play as the killer or a survivor in this twisted form of hide-and-seek.

Whether you choose to play as a survivor, or the leather faced psycho himself, prepare for the blood to flow. Along with his iconic chainsaw, Leatherface will offer a unique set of perks, along with a sledgehammer, because even Leatherface gets tired of pull-starting those things eventually.

The add-on is available now on steam for $3.99 and the distributor is promising a release on Sony’s console very soon.


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