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Play The Evil Within 2 in First Person Mode With Free Update

Unexpectedly, you are going to be able to play The Evil Within 2 from a whole new perspective as it is set to receive a first person mode. What’s better, it will be added to the game as a free update.

In what sounds to be a similar move to that made in the Resident Evil franchise, perhaps the change comes as some sort of test. Maybe to see how it works in relation to this series in anticipation of a PS VR sequel? We can only speculate..

But enough gassing, back to what we do know – the first person perspective is available in the latest patch. So go download and jump into Seb’s shoes (eyes?). The living dead are waiting.

After what was an OK launch, maybe this will be just what the doctor ordered. Will you be jumping back in for another run? Or have you “been there, got the irreparable scratches”? Comment below, if you’re not too chicken!

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