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Play Rainbow Six Siege for Free This Weekend

Welcome to another free weekend announcement. We love these chances to try something new for our favorite price. From November 16th – 20th, PS Plus members will be able to play all the current content in Rainbow Six Siege for free without any limitations.

If this is your first time on this roller coaster, any progress you make will transfer to the full game. In order to entice you, you can buy it with a 60% discount starting November 16th. There are no gimmicks or tricks. It is just a lengthy demo. We like that sort of confidence.

This is all drawing near to the release of their newest content named Operation White Noise with a focus on “intel and communication”. It will be set in Seoul, South Korea and contain three new operators. Two of them are from the South Korean Special Mission Battalion, and the third is from Poland’s GROM unit.

Acrophobics will enjoy the new map. Mok Myoek Tower stands far above the traffic below. The building contains businesses, a bar, and many areas just waiting to be breached and torn apart. Even if this is not your thing, the trailer for the level shows off the impressive design, and it may be your last chance to really appreciate it as you will be dodging gun fire in the future.

More details will be shared about Operation White Noise on November 19th. Until then, if you see someone running the wrong way or shooting the floors and walls more than the other team, that’s us. Don’t be afraid to say hi.


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