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Play Rocket League’s Dropshot Mode Next Week

Rocket League is ending season 3 with a bang, and next week will bring a new mode to play. In Dropshot, players will compete in a new arena, named Core 707, and the goal will be in the floor of the arena. Teams will try to break the hexagons on the floor to open it for scoring. The new electric ball will become stronger with your hits, causing even more damage to occur to your opponent’s side.

The new mode will be in its own playlist, and it is accompanied by new trophies and a way to stream official matches for e-Sports. For those who participated in season 3, you will soon be rewarded. Depending on what skill tier you reached this season, your rewards could be richer, or they could spur you to compete that much more fiercely in season 4.

Rocket League is a small game that made a big splash, and it continues to build new fans. Kudos to Psyonix for continuing to offer free updates, and good luck in season 4.

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Psyonix Press Release

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