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Play the First Hour of Prey in Upcoming Demo

In a new video about Prey, you really only need to know one thing. A demo containing the first hour of the game will be available on April 27th. There is a nice trailer that wraps around that little gift like fancy wrapping paper that will only be thrown to the ground on Christmas morning, but the demo is your takeaway.

If you do watch the trailer, it looks like Morgan Yu might not be receiving the straight scoop from his employer. If future tech and research corporations like Cyberdyne Systems, Weyland-Utani, Umbrella Corp, and Initech are any indication, Morgan should have realized they were most likely evil or at least telling a few big white lies, but he probably was offered full medical and dental with a 401k. We have sold our souls for less, so who are we to judge?

Although the game will probably remain silent on his benefits and compensation package, Prey will be released on May 5th, giving you a little over a week to complete the demo.

Is it really Morgan’s fault? Have you ever taken a job with an “evil corporation” and been made the tupperware container to keep an alien growing inside you fresh on its way back to Earth? Have you ever had to stop your boss from creating an AI that would someday destroy humanity, or have you lost your red stapler and been forced to submit TPS reports all day? Tell us about your worst employer in the comments and how you managed to escape your employment for the benefit of all mankind.


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