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PlayStation 10th Anniversay Avatar for Decade-Long Members

Do you want everyone to know just how PlayStation you are? Is it not enough that you’ve dyed your hair blue, got a tattoo of Spyro on your back (bad move…) and legally changed your name to Mr. Play Station? No?

If you’ve been a PlayStation Network user since the PSN’s birth in 2006, you’re in line for a little freebie: an avatar that says 2006-2016. Yeah, it’s not a big deal and we doubt it’s going to get people riled up because they didn’t enter the PlayStation ecosystem until later, but a freebie is always welcome. To see if you’re eligible for this totally-amazing-and-not-pointless thing, check your emails and see if there’s a message from Sony.

Now you can show your online friends that you’re as PlayStation as they come, Mr Play Station.

Have you been a PSN user for a decade? When did you first sign up for the service? Remember when it was truly awful? We do… Let’s reminisce down in the comments section down below.

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