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PlayStation Now is Available in Germany for the High Price of 16.99€ Per-Month

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We can’t see this one going down to well with the famously cheap Germans. Sony has rolled out its PS Now service today in Germany and it’s sending out e-mails to prospective subscribers to details what the service is.

Naturally, we already know what PS Now is: It’s a streaming service for games that lets you play a selection of PS3 and PS4 releases on your PS4 and PC for a monthly fee. That monthly fee is £12.99 in the UK, but here in Germany (where this scribe calls home) it’s a whopping 16.99€. Ouch.

Anyone that has lived in Germany will know that they’re a nation of savers and they don’t like to spend more than they absolutely have to, so at a penny under 17€, PS Now is going to be a hard sell in the region. Still, at least the option is there, right?


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