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PlayStation Store Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed for Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is a pretty big release this year and naturally it will receive a bunch of pre-order exclusives from different places. Today it was revealed what you would get if you pre-order the sequel from the PlayStation Store digitally. Don’t expect too much as you’ll only receive two extra side missions and a few skins. Weirdly enough one of the missions is to escort a movie talent scout around the city of San Francisco. Which then ends with Marcus taking selfies? You can see for yourself in the video below. Watch Dogs 2 releases on November 15th for the PlayStation 4.

Kyle lives and breathes PlayStation. Ever since the Crash Bandicoot days of old to the *insert current popular game here* of new. If you want a useless factoid about any PlayStation game, Kyle will gleefully provide.
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