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Pre-Order Final Fantasy XV and Win A…Car?

Well now that we think about it the main characters use a car in their Final Fantasy XV travels. Nah, still seems weird. Anyway, pre-order the latest Final Fantasy through the Square Enix Online store and you’ll automatically be entered to win prizes every Friday up until release (September 30th.) Starting August 1st the Carbuncle Surprise promotion will begin. Once you pre-order the game you’ll be able to check your winnings at the end of each¬†week which can consist of action figures, physical accessories, wireless stereo speakers, entertainment centers, DLC, member points, and of course a luxury car.

If you’re interested go ahead and pre-order the game here. The trailer below explains it pretty well but Pure PlayStation will not be held responsible for any contestant who tries to make their car fly like in FFXV.


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