Prepare For Adventure in New Tomb Raider Launch Trailer

With Mafia III coming this week, Square Enix knows it needs to remind us to save our hard earned money for Rise of the Tomb Raider coming next week. (It is truly a gaming Sophie’s Choice.) The launch trailer released today shows us explosions, dazzling vistas, exotic locales, and, of course, Lara raiding some tombs. In short, it is exactly what we had hoped to see.

After waiting for a year due to an exclusivity contract, PlayStation gamers will finally be able to play “the definitive version” with all the DLC, PS VR support, and the new “Blood Ties” missions for over 50 hours of gameplay. For those of you who like to dress up your characters (don’t be ashamed to be beautiful), it will also contain all the outfits and the retro skins.

We cannot say it enough: this is a wonderful time of year to be a gamer. The trailer only stokes our already towering inferno of enthusiasm, and we will see if it meets our unrealistic expectations, when Rise of the Tomb Raider releases on October 11th.


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