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Prey Has Some New Toys

A new trailer for Prey shows us some of the gadgets you will be able to use as your fight your way through Talos I. The first is a Recycler Charge. This is a grenade that vacuums nearby aliens into its blast radius. It might also be useful to pull the enemies to a closer spot for a different weapon.

The Gloo Canon might be the perfect option at that point. It fires an expanding foam that coats and incapacitates Typhon, so it could be the ideal weapon for anyone that likes to be up close and personal.

The last two do not seem to be a threat to the Typhon. The Engineering Operators are floating mechanical helpers that have malfunctioned and now want to kill you. They look a lot like a futuristic version of the Security Bots in Bioshock, and they appear to need the same delicate touch with a shotgun.

The Typhon Lure does exactly what it says by sending out a brightly colored pulse of lights that attracts Typhon aliens and 90s rave attendees equally.

Coming May 5th, you will awaken on the space station, Talos I. The Typhon aliens are using the crew as finger painting supplies, and you will need to survive by using the tools, weapons, and even the powers of the enemy to survive.

If you could design the perfect alien eradication device (gun, tool, or gadget), what would it be? We would design something that would mess up their galactic GPS. If they cannot find us, they cannot kill us, and no human or alien wants to hear their kids keep asking, “Are we there yet?”. Let us know your ideas in the comments.


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