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Project Cars 2 Demo Now Live, PS4 Pro Enhancements on Show

Project Cars 2 has redefined the console-racer genre. But Slightly Mad Studios thinks there is still a captive audience ready to be snagged as they have just launched a demo on the PlayStation Store. And although demos are normally simple to arrange, merely taking a mission or three from the full release and making it a standalone offering, when your game is jam-packed with over 180 cars and 60 tracks, that is no easy feat. Then there are four seasons, time of day and countless weather dynamics. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

This is the first demo that the release has enjoyed. But there is a reason. With the increased popularity of the PS4 Pro console and its superior graphical capability, Slightly Mad are keen to promote the visual enhancements offered within Project Cars 2 in what they call an “imminent update”. It also presents a nice opportunity for current full game owners to get a sneak peak of what is to come in terms of PS4 Pro support.

The studio was concerned that the taxing challenge posed by the authentic racing simulation would prove a deterrent or discouraging to the new blood they long to attract. So in order to counter the steep learning curve demanded by Project Cars 2, especially for players who are wheel-less and reliant upon the DualShock 4, which is standard in so many cars (cough), the demo will feature three separate scenarios.

The three scenarios in the demo will build you up from the road-going Lamborghini Huracan, racing on the laser-scanned Red Bull Ring on a misty morning in the summer, to the intermediate Formula Renault 3.5 race that begins on a chilly day in April with light cloud cover that soon darkens with the menace of rain.

And then it’s time for the big test: a multi-class race with the player in the Ferrari 488 GT3. The race begins shortly after a rain shower had drenched the track surface in ominous puddles of water that can wreck your race if you are caught aquaplaning through one of them!

Sounds like we need a helmet and wellingtons, then. Where’s Paddington when you need him?

Are you already a speed demon, putting the ‘n’ in demo, or does your granny lay down more rubber than you? Perhaps you race for the other camp, Gran Turismo Sport? Comment below. 


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