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Project CARS 2 is Focused on the Fine Details

Project CARS 2 will have the McLaren 720S, and they are aiming to have the most realistic version of that car. The four minute trailer shows how they took multiple trips to McLaren, eventually pulling in key people from other companies, including Pirelli, to ensure this feels like the real thing. According to Chris Goodwin, McLaren’s Chief Test Driver, they nailed it.

Goodwin was skeptical at first, but they eventually won him over. The trailer shows some quick footage of them recording sounds, but it is mostly their quest to have the car feel like you are really behind the wheel, or controller, of a car that most people cannot even afford to insure, let alone purchase.

Project CARS 2 is scheduled to hit the pavement in late 2017. For those of you who play racing simulations, is this enough to make you say “Gran Turismo who”?

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Bandai Namco Press Release

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