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PS Plus Members Get 10% Refund on Prey Pre-Orders

PlayStation Now members have received 10% off the sci-fi thriller Prey on the PlayStation Store. But those who had pre-ordered prior to the offer have been charged the full price.

Sony has identified the oversight and have apparently started to send notifications to those affected, offering to refund the difference. This has been confirmed by numerous persons online, and thus we assume it’s legit. So, Kudos, Sony.

The email says:

Thank you for your recent purchase of Prey. As a PlayStation Plus member, this should have been 10% off. We are correcting the issue and will refund your account within 3-5 business days.

It is unclear whether this is limited to the North America, or has broken through borders and spanned oceans.

Have you been affected? Have you received a message from Sony? Let us know.


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