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PS Vita System Update 3.61 Update is Live, Kills Off Homebrew Support

Don’t get too excited, folks, because this update is nothing more than a “stability” update, though it does do a little more than just provide stability.

The latest update for the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV is version 3.61, and according to the notes provided by Sony, the update is to make the system even more stable. Yes, even more stable!

That’s not entirely truthful, though, as it also plugs a hole in the system that allows for homebrew applications to run on the device. We’re not going to go into much detail with what the PS Vita hack is, but a simple google search will get you what you need.

And that’s it. It’s just a simple update to do away with an exploit, though Sony doesn’t admit as much. Maybe the next update will – nah, who are we kidding, Sony isn’t interested in adding anything meaningful to the Vita…


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