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PS3 Firmware Update 4.80 Released – Super Stable

There’s a new firmware update out today for the PS3, so if you’re still rocking that old piece of hardware you’ll be in for a surprise when you next turn it on.

The new firmware is 4.80 and it does… not a lot. It’s the usual stuff these days for the hardware that isn’t as high up the chain of importance for Sony, so you can just expect your console to be even more stable than before.

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Yeah, stability, that’s all the PS3 is worth these days… Still, it’s nice of Sony to still pump out firmware update for the console, and we imagine it may do so for some time as it’s still got quite an active following, though not many games are being made for it these days.

Note that you’ll not be able to play online or visit the PlayStation Store until you’ve updated to 4.80. You can download the update once it becomes available through the official PlayStation site, here.

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Apparently the update also implements 2-step verification. Neat, no?


Noticed anything peculiar, different or improved with the PS3’s 4.80 update? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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