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PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Has 11 Trophies, No Platinum

The Tomorrow Children still doesn’t have a release date on PS4 yet but the trophies for the game have gone live on Sony’s servers and they give us a glimpse at what’s in store for the upcoming title. The game is due to ship sometime this year, though we’d hazard a guess that it’s coming soon, what with the trophy information being out and all…

Trophy hunters will no doubt be disappointed by the mere 11 trophies to strive for but the real blow for trophy enthusiasts is the lack of a Platinum gong.

Welcome To Tomorrow – Bronze
Start your effort in service of the state.

Backroom Deal – Bronze
Gain access to the Black Market.

The Scenic View – Bronze
Stand at a height of 150 m.

Citizen’s Arrest – Bronze
Trap someone with an Immobilizer.

Rolling Stone – Bronze
Visit 10 towns.

Growing Up Fast – Bronze
Reach Level 2.

Thirst For Power – Silver
Purchase VoidKa 20 times.

Assault Leader – Silver
Defeat 200 Izverg.

Angel Of Mercy – Silver
Revive 100 fallen comrades.

Field Worker – Silver
Visit 10 different islands.

The Big 3-0 – Gold
Reach Level 30.

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