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PS4 Firmware Update 5.0 is Out Now, Adds Twitch Streaming Improvements, PSVR Surround Sound, and More

The 5.0 update for the PS4 is ready to download and install right now. Like, right now. Why are you even reading this article when you could be sat in front of your TV, watching that little percentage bar crawl across from left to right? No matter, we’ll keep you entertained.

The latest PS4 firmware update, version 5.0, brings with it a few changes. The biggest changes seem to be directed at PS4 Pro users and those who like to stream their gameplay sessions to strangers on the internet with Twitch now supporting 1080p 60fps streaming. There are also some changes to the way accounts are managed, which means it’s easier for parents to protect their children online. Sony is already doing a great job in protecting players from the evils of cross-play, but you can now do your bit in an easier manner. Great stuff. 

In all honesty, the 5.0 update isn’t as big a deal as previous updates. Sure, the addition of surround sound support for PSVR cinema mode will be great for watching movies, but we’d have liked to have seen a little more, really. Like, oh, how about name changes?! The most requested thing ever and it’s still not here. Maybe in the next update…


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