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PS4 Pro $339 at Target for Cyber Monday (NA)

The PS4 was sold for a $199 on Black Friday, but the PS4 Pro is on sale today. Amazon has it listed for $349, but that is not the best deal.

Target has the system listed for $399, but you can take 15% off that price today in an online only deal. That drops the price to $339.99, which is only about $40-$45 dollars more than the standard PS4 slim at other retailers.

We can debate whether you need a PS4 Pro, but, when you get into gaming, need has already gone out the window. For those of you who have a 4K TV, it is a step up in quality. According to this group of armchair analysts, we are still a couple years away from the PS5, so you will be able to comfortably enjoy those sharper visuals for a while.

The sale ends after today, so make your decision soon.

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