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PS4 Slim Supposedly Leaked With Unboxing Pictures

We’re gonna go straight ahead and say we’re not sure whether to call fake on this one or not. For one, there’s been nothing official from Sony that there’s going to be a PS4 Slim, though the firm may want to keep that under wraps anyway, and secondly, we just don’t trust the internet.

The internet is a horrible place at times and we’ve been burned in the past with elaborate fakes. Sure, this PS4 Slim may look like the real deal, but we’re still erring on the side of caution.

There are a few pictures down below, courtesy of NeoGaf and Twitter. Make of them what you will. Now, we’re going to go an rebuild our tinfoil hats.

We’ll leave this article with the following: 3D ‘effing printers.

Update: Alright, we’ve had a look at the situation and we’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably legit. According to the Twitter user who found the PS4 Slim being advertised via Gumtree, there are a few being offered by different sellers. It could be an elaborate con, and if that’s the case then we’ve been fooled. Expect this to release very, very soon. Most likely on September 7th when Sony holds its PlayStation Meeting.

ps4slim 3 PS4 Slim

ps4 slim 3


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