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PSN Deals: 200+ Big Discounts on UK/EU PlayStation Store

It’s Wednesday. You know the drill. You get out of bed, you go pee-pee, you make a coffee, you sit down and hit up your favourite PlayStation news site. Then you accidentally end up on Pure PlayStation (sigh…) and find out that you’re going to have to choose between sweet, sweet games or decent dinners. It’s a routine by now.

This week’s UK/EU discounts have gone live on the PlayStation store, and unlike last week’s meagre offering, this one is a woozy.

There are over 200 discounts across all PlayStation platforms. Granted, some of the deals are naff, but there’s a fair few decent bargains to be had.

You can check out the full list of discounts through here. Just don’t go broke and end up at a food bank by the weekend, yeah?


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