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PSN Deals: Battlefield 1 is Your Deal of The Week, a Steal at £3.99

This week’s PlayStation Store deals aren’t plenty, but that’s because we’re already getting our wallets hammered by the Halloween Sale and its hundreds of tempting deals and offers. This week’s update isn’t huge, but it’s worth reading about all the same.

The Deal of The Week running from today until November 1st is DICE’s exceptional Battlefield 1. You can pick up a digital copy of the game for the low, low price of £3.99 on the PlayStation Store. That’s mental. What’s even more mental is that you can get the game and its four multiplayer expansions, the Battlefield 1 Revolution bundle, for just £6.49. That’s the same price as the first Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC.

If you skipped over Battlefield 1 then you can’t go wrong with the prices being offered now, even if you just want to play through the game’s single-player war stories.

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