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PSN Deals: More Black Friday Deals Added (NA)

The limited amount of deals available to PS Plus subscribers on Friday has been increased. Every big release from this year is showing up with some discount. We like you, so we are going to tell you the truth. Some of these titles will be the same or cheaper on Thursday or Friday if you venture out for physical copies. If your world is becoming more digitally focused, we have some great deals.

Starting with some of the latest games, Assassin’s Creed Origins is 33% off, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is 40% off, and Wolfenstein II is half price. There are special editions of these games for sale too, if you want to pick up a bundle.

The variety of games for sale is amazing. South Park: The Stick of Truth is 30% off, and there is a hodgepodge of Tom Clancy games and sports titles for sale. Destiny 2, Just Dance 2018, The Evil Within 2, Persona 5, and even the Yakuza games are discounted. Lovers of big adventures can grab the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for less.

There really is something for everyone in this sale, but we can’t help but wonder if Friday will give us a Flash Sale. It would be time, and they could dump some additional sales on everyone.

Check out all the deals here, and be ready to spend.


Jason became terminally addicted to videogames after receiving the NES at an early age. This addiction grew to include PC gaming and was cemented with the launch of the PS2. From then on, he was afflicted with epic RPGs, tense shooters, and deep strategy games, never becoming skillful, but never able to quit. He continues to play games (poorly) and share his passion for them to anyone willing to listen.

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