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PSN Deals: Black Friday PSN Sale is Live in UK and Europe

Black Friday isn’t even here yet and we’re already a few hundred quid lighter. No complaints, mind, because that toaster with a built-in TV was worth every penny, though we do wish we’d saved a few coins for the PSN Black Friday Sale.

Our North American brethren have been gorging themselves on deals since Tuesday, and now it’s time for the UK and Europe to get involved. There’s almost 200 discounts across PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and even some older classic games. We’ve only had a quick look while we knock this article out before breakfast, but we’ve already seen some cracking prices: Uncharted 4 for £24.99; Metal Gear Solid V for £14.99; Skyrim for £24.99, and many, many more.

While the North American arm of the PSN is doing a pretty nice job with this year’s Black Friday offering, we’d argue the UK/European store is probably doing it a little bit better. You can find all of the wallet-busting deals right on your PS4’s store page, or you can go to the website and have a gander on there. Bear in mind that the prices may not be showing as live just yet as they start rolling out early in the day, though it’s usually complete by around noon UK time.

And here’s the link to the store webpage:!/en-nz/black-friday/cid=STORE-MSF75508-BFMWD2016

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