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PSN Deals: DOOM Gets a UK/EU Price Cut While North America Basks in the Glory of Another Flash Sale

It’s time to go bonkers on the dollar bills, yo! No, we’re not cool enough for that kind of speak, are we? Oh well. Maybe one day… All we wanted to do was to get across how excited we are for the latest PSN Flash Sale that is taking place this weekend.

There’s a whole trough of games on offer across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, as well as some movie deals to help wean you away from Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

The full list of discounts can be found here on the official PlayStation Store. As always, remember to pay your bills first. No good having a bunch of games when you live in a bin…

Elsewhere, the poor folks in the UK and Europe are without a Flash Sale. Bah, humbuggery. It’s not a complete loss, mind you, as DOOM has seen a price drop down to £19.99 for all PSN members, not just PS Plus subscribers. It’s a decent deal and our Jason Frye recommends DOOM over a hot dinner, so that’s got to be worth something, right? Besides, what better way to prepare for DOOM’s VR outing later this year?

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