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PSN Deals: Far Cries at PS Plus Deals (NA)

Well, friends, this is another lean week, so tighten your belts and work on that backlog. We would recommend you buy something newly released today, but the title shows this is PSN Deals, not waste your money on MSRP. Let’s get a look at what is on offer, so you know whether to take our advice or tell us where to stick it.

First, we have a sale on the Far Cry series. Everything from the original through Far Cry 4 has been reduced. This includes Blood Dragon and Far Cry Primal. If you have never played anything from the series, you should give it a try. The gameplay is open world, but it is the freedom and surprise that makes the games worth it.

The PlayStation Plus Specials fills the other sale this week. It is a potpourri of different games from Mafia III, Kona, and Human Fall Flat. Newer games such as the retro Yooka-Laylee, the down and dirty racing in Dirt 4, and the massive galaxy-hopping Elite Dangerous are also included.

You can view all the sales here. As always, if you see something we missed, please let us know in the comments.



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