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PSN Deals: GTA Games and Not Much Else (NA)

We cannot wait to see how our wallets will cry every Tuesday when the newest sale hits the PSN. Today, our wallet is in no danger at all. Grand Theft Auto games are the big sale for the week, and there are no real surprises here. As much as we joke about GTA V being on sale every few weeks, it really is. You can pick up the game that cannot be forced out of the top ten sales for every month at the standard sale price of $29.99.

The rest of the “sales” for this week include Watch Dogs 2 bundles, a Warhammer: Vermintide bundle, a Doodle game bundle, and Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC for the PS Vita.

We hate to be total downers, so we dug deep into this week’s sales to find something new, and we can almost recommend two themes. The Adorable Cats and Adorable Puppies dynamic themes are both $1.49 this week. It looks like there are varying degrees of adorable in the themes, but they may be worth a look.

If none of this interests you, the new PS Plus games are available for download right now, and we can all hope for a more compelling sale next week.

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