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PSN Deals: Hitman: The Complete First Season Releases on PS4 With 10% Discount (UK/EU)

Hitman: The Complete First Season is now available to buy in its entirety, and at a bit of a discount too. The bundle, which contains all five episodes in the latest Hitman title, has gone live on the PlayStation Network at the reduced price of £40.49.

For those who weren’t particularly keen on the episodic release schedule that Square Enix took with the latest installment of Agent 47’s antics, this is going back to something a little more familiar: buying a complete game and being done with it. Some of us here at Pure PlayStation couldn’t get our heads around the periodic episodes, while others found it more enjoyable.

It doesn’t seem to have harmed the brand as fans are still happy with the content, though we’re not sure that it’s really the best way forward for the series, even if Square Enix seems to be pushing the concept with more of its games.

Happy to finally have Hitman all in one place, or this too little, too late? Sneak down below and poison our comments section.

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