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PSN Deals: NIS America and Sale of the Dead Week 2 (NA)

This week we have two sales, but only one of them seems to be completely new. The second week of the Sale of the Dead appears to have many of the same titles as last week. The Resident Evil series, including the latest game, is still on sale. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete edition is still at the incredible price of $19.99, and you should really buy Until Dawn if you have not already. There may be some new titles in the mix, but it looks the same to us.

NIS America is also putting some its biggest hits on sale. This is your chance to grab the wonderful Danganronpa games for cheap, and you can start with the first and second games in Danganronpa Reload 1.2 for $23.99. If prinnies are more your speed, you can try Disgaea 3 or 5 for less.

There are also a handful of titles for the PS Vita from the visual novel Psycho Pass to the dungeon crawling of Criminal Girls: Invite Only to the RPG Demon Gaze. There is something for anyone who still loves a handheld.

I know we have stopped tracking it as much, but GTA V, a game from a company that still recognizes the importance of single player games, is also on sale for $29.99.

You can see all the sales here, and be sure to let us know if there is something that we should be playing this week.

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