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PSN Deals: North American PlayStation Store is Full of 2K Games Offers

This week’s North American PlayStation Store sales are slowly but surely going live over on the North American PSN. This week’s big games come courtesy of a 2K publisher sale.

As you can see through here, there’s a big focus on 2K games in the latest round of discounts, though there are a few extras thrown in for good measure, such as Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege which is reduced for a limited time.

The big ones coming from the 2K publisher sale are the likes of the criminally underrated Mafia 3, the 2K NBA series, Borderlands, and everyone’s favourite online shooter – Battleborn. Too soon? Too soon.

Anything taking your fancy this week? Which bills will you be skipping in favour of them sweet, sweet games? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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