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PSN Deals: North American Price Cuts on DriveClub VR, Gone Home: Console Edition, and More

While Amazon Prime Day may be getting all the attention with its great deals on all kinds of video games, it’s still worth remembering that the PlayStation Store is still pumping out some decent deals, too.

The most notable of the small amount that went live overnight is DriveClub VR which is now 50% off, so you’ll only pay $19.99 for what we reckon is a rock-solid VR racer. Just, er, make sure you’ve got a puke bucket handy.

Elsewhere we’ve got Gone Home: Console Edition (-25%), Air Conflicts Vietnam Edition (-50%), JumpJet Rex (-20%) and Doodle Devil for PS4 and PS3 (-80%). Not a massive line up, granted, but it’s better than nothing and we’re sure that more deals will be added through the day.


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