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PSN Deals: North American Price Cuts, Overwatch, Pro Evo 2017 and More

What better way to spend a few pennies than on your favourite past-time – video games. There’s a bunch of new price drops on the North American PSN, as well as a couple of decent deals for those in the UK and Europe. No, it’s not one of those mega-lists we often publish, but it’s better than nothing, right?

First off there’s the scant few deals for our European readers. Overwatch: Origins Edition is down to £29.99, previously priced at £54.99. Bear in mind this one is a limited time offer while the free Overwatch weekend takes place. Next up is Transformers: Fall of Cybertron which is £29.99, down from £39.99.

Your Deal of the Week is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, down from £49.99 to £29.99. Not a bad deal for what we thought was a great footy game. And finally, The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition and the Gold Edition Premium Bundle are down to £29.99 a-piece. Not much this week, then, but there’s still something.

North American players are the ones getting a few good deals this week with the Overwatch promotion running over the weekend, as well as a bunch of smaller games getting price drops. There’s even some cheaper deals for PS Plus members, too, so have a look and see if there’s anything for you.

% Off Game and Platform Was/Now PS Plus Price
−33% SMITE Ultimate God Pack Bundle $20.09    $20.09
Ultimate God Pack Bundle $29.99
−20% Attacking Zegeta $2.49    $1.99
PS4™ $2.49
−40% Headlander $11.99    $11.99
PS4™ $19.99
−40% Q*Bert: Rebooted $7.49    $5.99
PS3™ $9.99
−40% Q*Bert: Rebooted $7.49    $5.99
PS Vita $9.99
−60% Back to Bed Game & Dynamic Theme Bundle $8.99    $5.99
PS4™, PS3™, PS Vita $14.99
−40% Electronic Super Joy $7.49    $5.99
PS4™ $9.99
−50% Whispering Willows (Game and PS4™ Theme) $8.74    $6.24
PS Vita $12.49
−60% LOOT™ Action-Packed Bundle $11.99    $7.99
PS4™ $19.99
−60% LOOT™ Ultimate Games & Themes Bundle $20.99    $13.99
PS4™ $34.99
−40% Grateful Dead Dynamic Theme and Avatar Bundle $5.59    $4.19
PS4™ $6.99
−60% LOOT™ Strategy-Packed Bundle $14.99    $9.99
PS4™ $24.99
−50% Aqua Panic! $6.49    $4.99
PS3™ $9.99
−40% Q*bert: Rebooted Game and Pixels Theme Bundle $8.99    $7.19
PS4™ $11.99
−38% Velocibox $8.74    $6.24
PS4™, PS Vita $12.49
−50% Whispering Willows (Game and Theme) $8.74    $6.24
PS4™ $12.49
−23% The Light and Dark Bundle $22.99    $22.99
PS4™ $29.99
−67% The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ $9.89    $9.89
PS4™ $29.99
−50% The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition $29.99    $29.99
PS4™ $59.99
−50% The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition Premium Bundle $49.99    $49.99
PS4™ $99.99
Chris has been writing about gaming news for far too long, and now he’s doing it even more. A true PlayStation know-it-all, Chris has owned just about every Sony console that ever existed. Trophies are like crack to this fella.
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