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PSN Deals: North American Sales and UK/EU Price Drops

Is your digital wallet topped up with funds? If not, you’re going to want to rectify that pretty sharpish as there are some new deals to be had on both sides of the Atlantic this week.

Normally, UK/EU PSN offers don’t go live until Wednesday, yet here we are with the UK/EU store getting some price drops across a fair few LEGO games, including the recent(ish) remaster of LEGO Harry Potter Collection for PS4. There are a couple of other odds-and-sods being reduced, too, so go and have a gander through here, then hit up Pure PlayStation tomorrow when there will surely be more offers.

North American PlayStation players are the real winners today as the North American store is running a new promotion across digital games. There are over 145 new discounts across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games, so take a gander through here and pat yourself on the back for buying games instead of drugs for a change.

Anything caught your eye this week, or are you vehemently sticking to physical games? 


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