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PSN Deals: Nothing But Tumbleweeds Until Friday (NA)

We love knowing a new sale is coming on PSN every week. There is an excitement when the store finally updates, and we can tell you all about what to buy. This is not one of those days.

There is a general sale on PSN, but there are really only a handful of PS4 games for sale. That includes bundles too. It is a pitiful Tuesday, and most of your wallets are safe.

Friday is another story. Friday is the start of the PlayStation Store’s Black Friday sale. PS Plus members will save up to 40% on “the hottest blockbuster titles”. (Bring it on!) On November 21st, gamers without a PS Plus membership can join the sale, and it will run through November 28th.

The PlayStation Blog should have more info about the upcoming deals soon. We will be putting the PSN Deal info on here as soon as we can, because, without these sales, how can you grow a proper backlog?


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