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PSN Deals: Over 1000(!) Games Discounted in European January Sales

Despite Christmas still being a few days away Sony is already putting on its January Sales for the European and UK PlayStation Stores. Oi, Sony, January is next year! Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Even though it’s a little silly it’s very good news for gamers looking for a bargain before Christmas. In fact, you’d be hard pressed not to find something in this round of sales as over 1000 games have been discounted. That’s mental. There’s no way any of us normal folk could afford to buy everything that’s on offer, but it’s good to know that there’s probably something for everyone.

You can find the full list of discounts and deals via the very handy PSPrices website. You can search out whatever’s been on your hit-list, sort by discount amount, or just browse. It’s handy as heck and is somewhat easier on the eye than the official PlayStation Store website.

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PS Prices

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