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PSN Deals: Sales on Bandai Namco Titles and the Assassin’s Creed Series (NA)

This week we have the continuation of the Rockstar Sale from last week, but two new challengers have entered the ring. Bandai Namco titles have taken price cuts up to 75%. The sale is not just Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and other anime titles, although this is a great time to scoop those up for less. There is also Dark Souls III and Project Cars 2 with a few old arcade games thrown into the mix.

The Assassin’s Creed series is the other named sale. Everything sneaky and stabby has had a significant reduction. Black Flag can be had for $9.89 and Origins is $23.99. If you have around $20, you can have your pick of Assassin’s Creed experiences on the PS4 or PS3.

There are a few more games in the main sale, but Sony is going to make you work for it by sifting through everything. When you have more time than money, it’s worth it. You can see all the games on sale here.

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