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PSN Deals: The Mid-Year Sale Delivers Two Weeks of Savings (NA)

This week looks like a special time of savings with PlayStation’s Mid-Year Sale. Then again, when is saving money on your favorite hobby not special? Still not convinced? How about discounts on actual PS VR games, my little skeptical Sams? Yeah, that will teach you to doubt us.

Starting with VR, we have arena fighting in giant mechs in RIGS for $19.99, Ancient Amuletor for $15.99, the creepy Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for $7.99, neon tank combat in Battlezone VR for $19.99, Arizona Sunshine shambles in with a slight discount at $35.99, and be your own Minnesota Fats in Hustle Kings VR for $7.99. There are more PS VR games, and it is good to see these start to be included in sales.

For everyone else stuck in normal reality, we have Madden NFL 17 for $9.99 and God of War III remastered for $3.99 to remind you of when Kratos was not running a daddy daycare. If you believe the best way to kill vampires is to punch and kick their clothes off, Akiba’s Trip for $11.99 is the game for you. Shadow of Mordor GOTY edition can be stealthily purchased for $3.99, and it is the steal of the week.

If you wondered, yes, we saw GTA V is on sale this week for $29.99, and we also know that our theory of GTA V being on sale every other week still holds pretty true.

There are over 500 games on sale this week, and the Mid-Year Sale will bring new deals next week. You can check out everything here, and, as always, let us know if there is anything we missed.

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