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PSN Deals: The Other Fútbol Sale (NA)

The Fútbol Sale comes with very few actual deals this week. The main focus is only on two games, but we hear they are pretty big. The standard edition of FIFA 17 is $15.99, but you can purchase more deluxe versions for more money. For the other side of the camp, PES 17 (one of the last games that Konami makes that does not go to a pachinko parlor) can be had for a little more at $19.99.

The other deals are a little slim with NHL 17 for $9.99, Dex for $11.99, Headmaster for $12.99, and the usual overload of discounted themes. For those of you wondering, GTA V is not on sale this week, but we have our fingers crossed for next week.

If this does not excite you, do not forget that you can download the new PS Plus games for free this week, and, as we mentioned in our article, they are good. We can only hope this trend continues.

To be honest, we will say what everyone is thinking about the sale: this week, Sony has really screwed up. They obviously cannot spell, and that is not even the end of their mistakes. First, they cannot spell football. You would think a simple spell checker would let them know how wrong they were.  Second, they are actually referring to soccer and not football at all. It made its way to the PSN Store, so some poor employee with agraphia and very little sports knowledge is going to be fired.

If you want to honor that person’s sacrifice, you can check out the sale here. If we missed a deal that is not sporty, be sure to let us know in the comments.


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