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PSN Deals: Ubisoft Sale (NA)

When we see some publisher sales, the amount of games offered can be small. This is not the case with a Ubisoft sale. If you like open worlds or Tom Clancy, it’s your birthday. We kid. There is also South Park, Just Dance 2018, Rocksmith, and Assassin’s Creed. Far Cry 5 is conspicuously missing from the list, but they had a flash sale over the weekend. You snooze, you lose.

The Totally Digital Sale offers discounts on digital games, and you can grab Tacoma, NBA Playgrounds 2, Trailblazers and others for less.

The rest of the sale includes a very wide variety of games. There are discounts on fairly new releases, including the fantastic Death Road to Canada. For those who have been charting the phenomenon, Grand Theft Auto V is on sale at the usual $29.99 price. It is actually cheaper than the PS3 version.

The rest of the deals can be found here. Please drop your future purchases in the comments, and let us know what amazing bargains we missed.

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