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PSN Deals: UK and Europe Gets a Digital Flash Sale on Tons of Games

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. What next? We don’t care, really, all we care is that we (and you!) can save a few pennies during some decent sales. Sony kicked off the wallet-bashing shenanigans last week with an early Black Friday Sale, but now there’s even more deals to throw your digital coin at.

Dubbed the ‘Digital Flash Sale’, the latest round of discounts is mostly – if not all – on digital-only games that are available via the PlayStation Store. Thrifty gamers can save up to 60% across a range of indie games across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. The latest PSN sale will run from today through until December 1st, so if you want to snatch a bargain then you’d best be quick about it. You can have yourself a peek at what’s on offer over on the PlayStation Blog.

What you still doing here? Go on, chop chop, ladies and gents. Bargains don’t buy themselves…

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