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PSN Deals: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is 25% Off on North American PSN

uncharted the lost legacy review

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – the Uncharted 4 spin-off – is on sale on the North American PlayStation Store for a limited time only.

During this period you’ll be able to pick up Chloe and Nadine’s spin-off adventure for $29.99, 25% off of the regular $39.99 price for the digital edition. The offer is limited to one week, so you’ve got until October 10th to snag this deal before it’s replaced by new offerings from the PSN gods.

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While it is a decent enough deal, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to pick up a cheaper used copy on Amazon which, incidentally, is matching the PSN price for the game at the time of writing.

We found Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to be well worth the full asking price in our review, so at $29.99, we couldn’t recommend it more. Unless it was free, of course, then we’d be able to recommend it even more.


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