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PSN Deals: Winter Sales Kick Off With Over 300 Discounts and Deals (UK/EU)

Christmas is just a whisper away now, so it makes sense that retailers are looking to get the most out of their customers, and Sony is no exception. In an effort to part us with our cash, the platform holder has launched a new round of deals and discounts to get the winter sales underway.

There are over 300 deals and discounts across all PlayStation devices. You can pick up some heavy-hitting AAA’s on PS4 for pennies. You can nap yourself a cosy RPG to sneak away into a corner with your PS Vita. Heck, you can relive Christmas 2001 with some of the classic PS One games on offer. Or you can prepare to shun your family, friends, and visitors by stacking up as many PSVR games as possible and disappearing into your headset before the daft Christmas party hats are relieved from their wasteful Christmas crackers.

What’s more is that PS Plus members can save even more on select games. There are more than a few that are an extra 50% (or more!) off for PS Plus members. And I know I say this every time, but I’ll say it again: if you’re going to go on a bit of a mad one and buy lots of games, you may as well sub for a month to get the extra discounts.

You can check out the full list of offers through here.

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