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PSN’s Top Downloads for March are Ghosts at the Dawn of Andromeda’s Battlefield

Every month Sony shares its tops downloaded games on PSN, and it typically shows the newest games, a big discount, or just GTA V. Seriously, this game is making a bigger financial killing than any of the happy massacres in the game, and it proves why they only need to release a new game every few years. We kid, but we have to respect it. We are still going to joke about it being on “sale” every two weeks though.

The top-selling game on PSN for March is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, followed by Horizon Zero Dawn at number two, and Mass Effect Andromeda completing the top trinity of sales. These are obviously some of the biggest games right now, and an almost universally praised PlayStation exclusive for number two is no surprise.

The rest of the titles are more diverse. MLB the Show 17 (#4) and EA Sports FIFA 17 (#7) are the traditional sports titles in the top ten. Battlefield occupies two spaces with Battlefield 1 in the fifth spot and Battlefield 4 in the eighth spot. God of War III Remastered has managed to claw its way out of remaster hell to the sixth position. Rounding out the last two are Rocket League (#9) and, almost being pushed out of the top ten, is GTA V (10).

It is interesting to see what people are playing and buying, especially with older titles such as God of War III or Battlefield 4. Check out the full list of the most downloaded games for each platform over on the PlayStation Blog, and let us know in the comments what you think next month’s most downloaded games will be.


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